We are committed to offering the Northeastern Pennsylvania’s premier classes in the world-renowned martial art of Royce Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to adults and children. At Gracie of NEPA, we believe that a balance of attentive instruction and controlled-yet-intense training is the best way for a student to achieve his or her goals for physical fitness and self-defense. Our Scranton and Swoyersville locations are easily accessible from the valley cities, the Poconos, and beyond.

There are many reasons as to why you would want to try out jiu-jitsu. Whether you want to get in shape or acquire ideal self-defense mechanism, you need to approach the best firm out there so that they can fulfill your dreams. The type of trainer that you hirer will play a key role in ensuring that you get the best jiu-jitsu skills out there. We are a dedicated firm that ensure to cater for our clients’ needs so that they come out on the top. There are many reason as to why you need our services.

Immediate Training

Once you approach out firm, we assume that you are at your worst position. This is why we begin our training from day one when you approach us. We train in you in the most basic things on the intimal class. We train you in vast technique that you need. For example, we will teach you on what to do when you have been forced on your back. This is usually not taught in most art, so you will find that we are thorough and effective when it comes to training. We begin training as soon as possible so that you can get what you came for.

Expert Training

Our jiu-jitsu training services are of Top quality. We provide you with the necessary self-defense that you need for the ground. We will make you an expert in fight compared to other trainers out there. Most training does not emphasize on what to do when you have been pinned down on the floor, so that why you need us. Our Jiu-jitsu classes ensure that you get all that you need to become the self-defense individual that we need you to become.

Experience is Very Important

We have so many years of teaching jiu-jitsu, so when you come to our firm, you will be in good hands. Our experience has enabled us to provide better and personalized services when it comes to training our clients. It does not matter the reasons you want to learn. We offer equal services to all our clients. All our trainers are more than qualified and certified to carry out the necessary type of training that you need. Each of the trainers has worked with many previous client ensuring that you get the best jiu-jitsu training that is out there.

We Understand Your Needs

When you approach our training facilities, we take time to fully comprehend your needs as our clients. We know how important to you that you find the right school for you and your family. We put all our efforts where it belongs. We have curriculums which are quite affordable and cover every aspect of jiu-jitsu that you need to learn. We treat all our customers with respect and kindness. As you come to our superb facility we will be able to make long life relationships with you. This will ensure safe training that is safe. We are number on because we have the highest level of certification that is available.